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Recent Trends in Eyelid Surgery in India

In a world of countless selfies, young grown-ups are frequently going through the surgeries to improve their appearances, especially before they start their college life and career. Cosmetic medicines, as well as eyelid surgery, has advanced tremendously from last three decades. With advancement in science and technology, India is also growing as a center for eyelid surgery. In 2016 report of International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), India gets top ranking in hair transplant and eyelid treatments.

Recent trends in Eyelid Surgery
In India, eyelid surgery also known as blepharoplasty in the medical field has a tremendous demand in India. In this surgery, experts cuts reposition or raises the skin, fat, or muscles in the eyelid to produce an eye lift impact. Blepharoplasty surgery helps to enhance the overall look of the face by presenting the eyes view adolescent and more active with fewer wrinkles.

Different types of Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)
There are three different types of Eyelid surgery procedure that are performed by dermatologists.
  • Bilateral Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery
  • Double Eyelid Surgery
  • Upper Eyelid Surgery
Bilateral Blepharoplasty
It is common eyelid surgery in which excess skin is extracted and raised above and below eyelids for an entire revitalization of eyes. However, this surgery can also function individually for upper or lower eyelids. The patient will take 10-15 days for recovery after bilateral blepharoplasty.

Double Eyelid Surgery
This type of eyelid surgery is famous in East and South Asians countries. Therefore it has gained monk of Asian Blepharoplasty in the world. In this surgery, a wrinkle is created in the upper eyelid and gives a result of double lidded look.

Further double eyelid surgery is categorized into two methods
Full-Incision Double Eyelid Surgery
Most people like this eyelid surgery because it has the capability to enhance as well as modify eyelids while inscribing indications of aging. However, it also gives permanent effects and can be used for all types of eye shapes.

Partial-Incision Double Eyelid Surgery
This type of Double eyelid surgery helps to make lesser surgeries on eyelid for eliminating excess adipose tissue and free muscle tissue. Further, these muscles are tightened and joined to create a new crease. The partial incision double eyelid surgery provides a benefit of minimum scarring and procedural pain during and after treatment.

Upper Eyelid Surgery
This surgery is used to restore the function of an impaired person.Eyelid surgeries have an increasing trend in India. However, eyelid surgery is famous only for cosmetic reasons but also used for the treatment of other conditions like an accidental case and so on.

Best Plastic Surgeon in Hyderabad: Get a Great New Look

Knowledge is the best power only if anyone uses it. The more information you share and practice, the more you learn about the trait. When it comes to treatments, one needs to be always on the toes in order to understand the latest trends and technologies. Plastic Surgery is something which will directly impact your overall personality, hence it becomes really important to find the Best Plastic Surgeon in Hyderabad, in case you are seeking a great new look.

Plastic Surgery; An evolutional change
·         Plastic surgery is amongst the most sought-after technology when it comes to change the physical appearance and capability to work.
·         The plastic surgery involves the reconstruction of the facial and body defects that are caused due to the trauma, burns, birth disorders and diseases.
·         Moreover, it also involves the enhancement of the appearance of the person through cosmetic surgery.
·         The plastic surgeries are done by the Oculoplastic surgeons and Plastic surgeons who have been trained to craft and carve the requisite features as liked by the customers.
·         The Oculoplastic surgeons are special plastic surgeons that have been imparted with special training in the reconstructive surgery of orbital area, lacrimal area, eyelids, and socket including the mid and upper face.

Best Plastic Surgeon in Hyderabad
Nowadays plastic surgery is gaining value day by day. There are numerous reputed surgeons, hospitals, and clinics in the Hyderabad that claims to provide best cosmetic plastic surgeries to people according to their requirement. As a result, India had become the medical hub across the globe. If you are looking out for a surgeon who can help you with an effective plastic surgery in Hyderabad, then no other than Dr. Shome can be preferred. His team has been trained directly by the expert plastic surgeon so that nothing goes wrong during and after the treatment. A major problem which customers face is that as soon as Plastic / Cosmetic surgeries are done, a part or feature of their body does not compliment other, in order to get corrections, they will take themselves to another treatment. This results in extra cost, delayed recovery and dual pain. While getting the plastic surgery done at Dr. Shome’s clinic means they will make sure to correctly carve the feature which goes well with your overall feature.

What makes Dr. Shome the best plastic Surgeon in Hyderabad?
·         In depths investigations without any rationality.
·         Availability of one-to-one consultation.
·         Having Enormous information regarding the surgeries.
·         Guidance on recovery and post-surgery care. 
·         Possessing links with specialty hospital across the world.
·         Knowledge about current methods in the field of surgery.

 About the Accolades of Dr.Debraj Shome
Dr. Shome is famous for his empathic nature toward the humanity and his devouring need to make a change in the miraculous universe of medicine. He founded the esthetic clinic with their partners in accordance with Apollo hospital in Hyderabad. Recently he is working for facial and plastic surgery department of Apollo Spectra Hospital.

Dr. Shome’s interesting working areas of medical science are immense and different. He is mainly concerned with orbital surgeries, Oculoplastic surgeries, and facial reconstructive surgeries. Some of them are stated below-
·         Facial implants
·         Lip Augmentation and enhancement
·         Facelifts
·         Blepharoplasty
·         Facial flaps and grafts for Facial Cancers
·         Cosmetic Facial Plastic Surgery
·         Rhinoplasty
·         Neck lifts and so on.

Getting the plastic surgery successfully done can be the one more step towards life. Therefore choosing the best skilled and qualified Surgeon like Dr.Debraj Shome is the best option. For more guidance, you can visit the website-

Everything You Needed To Know About Eye Socket Fracture Surgery

If a person has been hit by a high-speed object that he did not see coming, then it could cause an eye socket fracture, also known as orbital fracture. It is very essential to go see a doctor as soon as the eye socket injury has taken place in order to get timely eye socket fracture surgery.

It is very important to consult with the doctor as soon as possible after acquiring the injury. This will make sure less amount of time is wasted before the patent is sent home or is taken to a clinic for eye socket fracture surgery. The symptoms of an eye socket fracture surgery are:

  1. The appearance of the eyes seems sunken
  2. There is a sharp pain when you will try to move your eyes normally
  3. Sensitivity towards light increases
  4. The movement of eyelid is irregular
  5. Double vision
  6. Blood is visible in the white part of the eyes
  7. The area surrounding the eyes is number
Timely consultation with an orbital fracture surgeon will not only make sure that your eyesight is preserved after the accident, but also ensure that your face does not become ill-shaped or look damaged as it heals. In case he says that the surgery is the only option for you, then you should get it done as soon as possible, because a delay in the eye socket fracture surgery can lead to more serious consequences. He will also make you understand what to do and what not to do more effectively before as well as after the surgery.