Monday, 27 November 2017

Dark Eye Circle Surgery – The Permanent Solution to Your Dark Circles

Under-eye dark circles have become quite a common condition faced by people today. The stressful modern lifestyles, lack of proper sleep and nutrition, and excessive hours spent in front of the computer and television screens are only contributing to an already large base of problems. Dark circles under the eyes can be considered as an indicator of poor optical and skin health. The issue can also be caused due to reduced levels of haemoglobin in the blood. And the worst part of it all – dark circles can make you look permanently prematurely aged, tired and unhealthy, despite your current state of being. Perhaps this is the reason why, despite of a number of alternative and home remedies already existing, people tend to look for more permanent and effective solutions for their under eye dark circles. Dark eye circle surgery can be such a solution for you.

The best treatment for dark circles can include any of the following modalities, depending upon what your doctor deems fit for your particular case and condition:

·        Pigment reduction laser treatments for cases where dark circles are being caused due to a specific list of contributory factors.

·      In case of under eye volume loss, filter or fat injections are advised to make the under-eye region appear fuller and healthier.

·      To increase blood circulation in the affected area and reduce edema that is resulting in under-eye puffiness, acugel and hydrafacial treatments are also advised.

·        For cases where Malar Festoons are an impending factor, fillers and fractional CO2 Laser Treatment are used to help reduce dark circles.

·      Eyelid surgeries and Blepharoplasty are recommended in the more severe cases as being the best treatment for dark circles.

Working with a well-trained, skilled, and experienced Oculoplastic Surgeon is an important factor here. However, once you have found such a professional, you can rest assured that the beauty and wellness of your eyes and face will be restored to their former glory without any issues. Dark eye circle surgery can be the permanent solution that you have been looking for to manage your under-eye dark circle condition. Take help from a reputed professional today!

How dark eye circles surgery helps eliminate your dark circles effectively

Skin tissue beneath the eye is the thinnest on the human body, with thickness of just half a millimeter.  With a large number of blood vessels flowing directly under the thin skin, the area easily creates the look of dark circles. While many home remedies and myths abound regarding treatment for dark under eye circles, it is important to know that a proper diagnosis and scientific treatment is necessary to see best results. Here are a few effective options for dark circle removal treatment.

#1 Laser treatment for dark circles

Carbon dioxide (Co2) laser skin surfacing is considered as an effective treatment option.  Dark eye circle surgery comprises of multiple sessions of laser resurfacing spread over many weeks to lighten the color of the skin.  By lightening the color of the affected area, it is possible to reduce the effects of dark under eye circles effectively. Dark circle treatment also involves the reduction of puffiness under the eye. Laser procedures reduce the puffiness under the eyes thereby setting up the perfect foundation for dark circle treatment.

#2 Blepharoplasty for dark circles

Blepharoplasty which is also known as lower eyelid surgery is used to translocate fat beneath the eye to the upper cheek. This procedure controls the puffiness beneath the eye which also results in reduction of under eye puffiness. As mentioned earlier, under eye puffiness is also a reason for the appearance of dark circles, and its reduction or elimination helps to rid of dark circles.  Therefore, Blepharoplasty is also a procedure of choice to treat under eye dark circles.

# 3 Mid face procedures for dark circles

Though this procedure is considered as the very last step to tackle under eye circles, it is very effective. It offers all round benefits by restoring a youthful appearance to recipients, in addition to lifting the dark circles under the eyes. This is relatively complicated or complex when compared to other laser procedures for removal of dark under eye circles. It is performed on individuals who require more intense form of treatments for dark under eye circles.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Lip augmentation in India - Enhance Your Lips for a Full Young Smile

Lip augmentation is catching on in India where it has become a popular plastic surgery procedure. But what are the advantages of opting for a lip augmentation in India? Lip augmentation offers a safe and effective surgical procedure for fuller, more voluptuous lips that provide the perfect pout. Enhancing the beauty of the lips, making them appear graceful and adding a complete and fuller appearance when you pucker are just some of the advantages of opting for a team of experts. 

Enhance Your Beauty Quotient
Let your inner beauty and vivaciousness shine through this worldwide accepted cosmetic treatment for enhancing the fullness of your lips. Lip augmentation can be done through fat and collagen injections. These are non-surgical treatment procedures involving absorption of fat and collagen by the lips. A lip plumper is used to enhance the lips without surgery. Surgical procedures for lip augmentation are more permanent and lip implants are provided surgically to grant them a fuller and more attractive appearance. 

Surgical Methods For Permanent Outcomes
Surgical means of enhancing the lips to make them appear fuller, more complete and bigger creates the permanent result and is the best way out for lip augmentation. Synthetic materials are used via implants and these help to improve the fullness of the lips.

Quick Recovery, Instant Results 
Patient can get back to normal life in just a few hours following non surgical lip augmentation. After surgery is performed, recovery is within a matter of a week. High graded, long lasting implants create a natural look and prevent any kind of rejection. The implants are easily inserted into the lips while non surgical methods for lip enhancement are an even more instantaneous way to attractive, plumper, bigger and fuller lips.

Look Younger in Days
Enhance your appeal and reverse the effects of ageing through lip augmentation. Get fuller, more youthful looking lips to enhance your beauty and style quotient. Reach beauty goals and undo the impact of time, which causes contours and shapes of the lips to droop. This is more pronounced for those with thinner lips. Reserving the impact of ageing is easy with a fuller look to undo the negative appearance of thin lip contours. Lip augmentation procedures are perfect for facial youthfulness which can redefine your appearance. Improve your self-confidence through permanent lip augmentations or semi permanent filler procedures.

A More Natural Pout
Using makeup to increase your lip size can be challenging and short lived. Rather than being satisfied with temporary results, add volume to your lips without a bag of cosmetic products in tow. Restore volume to your lips and create your ideal look with the help of a team of talented surgeons. 

Minimally Invasive, Long Lasting
Lip augmentation requires very little surgery and the results are so much more satisfying and long lasting than trying to opt for complicated makeup or styling tricks. Commit to fuller lips today and access a permanent solution that does not require any maintenance.

Monday, 31 July 2017

How lip augmentation in India can help you attain beautiful lips?

Lip augmentation in India, is rapidly becoming a sought after plastic surgery procedure. As people age, the shape and contour of the lips can droop. This condition may further aggravate when a recipient has naturally thin lip profile to begin with. Many individuals with thin lip profile and negative effects of aging would naturally wish to enhance lips through lip augmentation in India.

Getting those full lips that adds beauty to appearance
Among women, lip augmentation procedure is sought with great interest to obtain youthful countenance that enhances the looks and improves self-confidence. Lip enlargement is a cosmetic procedure that offers individuals lush, plump lips and makes the individuals to sport a more pleasing appearance.

Dermal fillers for quicker results
Injectable dermal fillers are the most popular procedures used for lip augmentation in India. Dermal fillers are injected in lips and sometimes the area around the mouth. These lip filler injections are effective, painless and act fast. Hyaluronic acid is a natural component present in the human body which is used as the lip filler. Restylane and Juvederm are hyaluronic acid based products that are an ideal option for getting plumper lips. These products are non-animal clear gels that are used in the form of injections. Restylane is a non-animal, clear serum gel that is firmer and ensures to give a more pronounced definition and lift for the lips whereas juvederm is a soft and smooth gel that makes the lip voluminous. Current fillers come with additional pre-loaded topical anaesthetic serum gel which makes the recipients more comfortable during the treatment.

Biocompatible for safer results that last longer
Highly-experienced cosmetic surgeons rely on smooth biocompatible implant materials for use in lips. Autologen, Alloderm, Radiance and GORE-TEX are biocompatible implant materials extensively used in the lip implant surgical procedure. Fat transfer is another method by which the patient’s fat is taken from the other parts of the body and either injected surgically implanted in the lips. This procedure requires general anaesthesia. These procedures can take anywhere between 45 minutes to 2 hours to complete. It takes around two-three weeks to recoup from the implant surgical procedures.  

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

In depth procedure of lip augmentation in India

When it comes to lip augmentation, many options exist in India for improving the appearance of the lips.  Lip augmentation in India has advanced to a point where injections and implants provide a quick and effective method of enhancing aesthetic appeal.  The preferred look among most of the individuals who choose lip augmentation in India is plump and full lips. The glamour world informs us that the average individual always prefers and appreciates stars with bee stung or fuller lips. With lip augmentation, it is possible to not just lump up the lips but to also give it the right shape, devoid of lines that indicate age.

Options for Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation in India at leading clinical facilities inevitably involves local anaesthesia.  Different types of specialist implants and injectibles used for lip augmentation include artecoll, autologen, collagen, dermalogen and so on. Fascia injections involve the connective tissue harvested from the body. Fat from the abs or thighs are sometimes also injected onto the lips. Other options include clear hyaluronic acid containing hylaform and restylane. Lip augmentation surgery generally does not involve lengthy procedures. Typically, lip augmentation procedures are completed on a single day. Fat grafting, softform and other inputs are also relied on to achieve permanent outcomes.  

Recovery After Lip Augmentation Surgery

If you go through surgical implants or grafts, recovery can take up to 2 weeks following surgery. Recovery depends on the procedure used and the levels of activity. Fillers improve the shape, structure and volume of the lips following the augmentation procedure, and generally include procedures with quicker recovery. Other forms of surgery to advance the contours of the lips involve more complex procedure which may require proportionate time for recovery. Lips that are nice and full also need to be well defined with clean contours and outline.

It is important to rely on the services of qualified and experienced specialists. Some of the side effects of relying on inexperienced surgeons would be asymmetrical lips, lumps, extrusion and infection. Under the hands of a skilled surgeon, lips get the desired treatment to appear full and rosy, soft and smooth.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Get plump lips choose lip augmentation treatment in India

Fuller lips have never been out of vogue. The glamour world has always celebrated fuller lips, raising a toast to the classic pout.  Cosmetic ads have always featured models with full and plump lips. Cosmetic surgery has advanced to levels where individuals not endowed with fuller lips can look forward to transformation through lip augmentation treatment. 

Overview of lip augmentation in India

Lip augmentation is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure to enhance the look and size of the lips. Conditions such as the ‘smoker’s line’ and vertical lines can also be treated by lip augmentation. It involves the injection of special fillers in the lip area to give a look that is plump and full.  

Drill down to procedure for lip augmentation in India 

Prior to injecting fillers, local anaesthesia is applied on the lips.  The area where the fillers are required to be used are then carefully marked.  In the hands of experts, lip augmentation procedures are uncomplicated, involving the injection of dermal fillers such as juvederm and restylane. This collagen is absolutely safe for injecting and hardly takes time. On completion of the procedure ice packs are pressed to control possible swelling and temporary pain.  Individuals undergoing the procedure are advised to avoid the use of lipstick immediately after the procedure to prevent the onset of infections.  

Cost effective treatment in India

India is on the global map of preferred destinations for cosmetic surgery. The influx of individuals desirous of world class treatment at affordable prices is increasing, positioning India as a major-medical tourism destination.  Predominantly, women undergo lip augmentation in India, though a small percentage of males also undergo the procedure. With advanced treatment options, it is possible to transform looks and overcome the undesirable appearance of thin lips.  

Surgeons acclaimed and respected globally, perform the procedure in Mumbai hospitals with amazing results. Many in the glamour industry owe their appealing looks to the efforts and experience of renowned surgeons in Mumbai. One of the greatest advantage of such procedures is the short time taken for the actual procedure.  

Facts and Myths about Surgery to Remove Dark Circles

When it comes to surgery, few people are fully informed about the various procedures. Most only hear information through others who themselves know little about the real procedure. This leads to more myths about surgeries and leads to misinformed judgement and decisions based on hearsay.

Similarly, there are plenty of widespread myths about the surgery related to the eyes. It is important to bust these myths and know the facts to make better decisions if you are dealing with such issues. Here are the facts and myths about surgery to remove dark circles.

Myth: Laser surgery to remove dark circles is not effective.

Fact: The dark circles’ laser treatment is one of the most effective ways of dealing with the condition. It is virtually pain-free and is also safe. This procedure is great for treating dark circles caused due to excessive exposure to the sun. It is important to consult with an expert surgeon for the laser surgery to get the best outcome.

Myth: There are side effects of dark circle removal surgeries.

Fact: If you go to a qualified and experienced oculoplastic surgeon, he can diagnose the underlying problem and recommend a few solutions to deal with dark circles. Based on your preferences, he will perform the surgery and will take the necessary precautions to produce the desired results.

Myth: Surgeries for dark circle removal are expensive.

Fact: The price of the dark eye circle surgery varies according to the severity of the condition as well as the underlying reason behind the problem. Depending on the type of the surgery you opt for, or your surgeon recommends, the price can vary greatly. However, the price of these procedures has come down drastically in the past few years and is way less than what people anticipate it to be.

It is not always important to deal with dark circles using surgery. However, in severe cases, it can prove to be immensely beneficial. You must get your information from trusted resources instead of making the decision in favour of or against the surgery to remove dark circles based on myths spread by other people.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Guidelines to find an expert ophthalmic plastic surgeon in India

Reconstructive ocular surgery straddles all the procedures to set right the orbits, eyelids, tear ducts and facial features.  Such procedures require the services of an experienced and highly trained ophthalmic plastic surgeon for successful procedures. Not only is such surgery cosmetic in nature, it is also functional. Here are a few guidelines to zero in on the best oculoplastic surgeon in India.

Extensive experience covering all aspects of the surgery and condition
An oculoplastic specialist should ideally be one who has extensive experience in all the aspects of the surgery. Experience should typically include in-depth knowledge and exposure to procedures in multi-specialty hospitals. Such exposure at top of the line hospitals will lend the oculoplastic surgeon experience to handle all complicated cases.

Access to cutting edge technology and equipment
Experts who have experience and access to the very latest advances in medical equipment would be better armed to handle surgical procedures. Cosmetic surgery is advancing rapidly to levels difficult to fathom, and a trained, experienced ophthalmic plastic surgeon should be able to treat most of the conditions.

International certifications from reputed specialist institutes
Certifications from internationally acclaimed and reputed specialist institutes are an indication of the focus of the surgeon to excel in procedures. Cosmetic surgeons who keep abreast of the very latest procedures and are called upon to deliver keynote addresses are powerhouses of experience. It needs to be borne in mind that distinguished and renowned specialists are the most sought after speakers in conferences.

Faculty at respected international institutions
Cosmetic surgeons who are visiting faculty in internationally reputed and respected institutions are proof of the surgeon’s capability. A surgeon who trains medical professionals in specialization is indeed one with a very high level of experience and knowledge in the latest techniques.

Choose an ophthalmic plastic surgeon who meets the above criteria and offers the best results. Pathbreaking research and surgeries that are heralded as the first of its kind, indicate attempts by the surgeons to deliver better options and success rates to patients.  Winnow down your choice to a surgeon who has wielded the scalpel with the greatest success.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Difference between Oculoplastic and Ophthalmic Surgeons

Both oculoplastic and ophthalmic surgeons specialize in carrying out different surgical treatments pertaining to the eye and surrounding structures. Many people often confuse between the two, however, both of these are different based on the kind of eye surgeries they specialize in.

In fact, the basic medical degrees of both oculoplastic surgeons and ophthalmic surgeons are the same at the post-graduate level. After completing a two-year residency in Ophthalmology after the course, an ophthalmic surgeon can undergo a special two-year program training and appear for oral and written examination to be certified as an oculoplastic surgeon. 

An ophthalmic plastic surgeon, also known as an ophthalmologist, mainly deals with the corrective eye surgeries. They are experts at treating eye disorders of retina, cataract, eyeball, glaucoma, partial blindness etc. An oculoplastic surgeon specializes in both cosmetic and corrective eye surgery procedures. Though the primary concern for an oculoplastic surgeon is the health and safety of your eyes but they can also carry out cosmetic procedures such as correction of droopy eyelids, lazy eye, dark under eye circles, etc.

Top Oculoplastic surgeons diagnose, evaluate and treat diseases and conditions that affect the eyelids, tear system, orbit and face such as eyelid ptosis, eyelid trauma or lacerations, entropion and ectropion, eyelid spasms, thyroid eye disease, orbital tumors or fractures, problems involving the tear duct or tear drain.

In addition to the above procedures, oculoplastic surgeons are also trained in the treatment of cosmetic problems like ageing e.g., loose skin, wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, etc. They offer a range of cosmetic treatments, as other plastic surgeons do, treating with eye area depending on the condition with injectable, resurfacing procedures, chemical peels and eyelash enhancement.

It is important to know the difference between oculoplastic and ophthalmic surgeons since both of them hold expertise in different fields despite holding the same initial medical education. Most oculoplastic surgeons can do an ophthalmic procedure, however, the opposite does not hold true.