Thursday, 14 April 2016

Best Treatment for Dark Circles to Enhance your Beauty

When you were younger, all you probably needed was a good night’s sleep to remove the dark circles under your eyes. But now that you are older, your skin does not change as much anymore. Dark circles under the eyes are not just caused by bad sleeping habits—they can also be due to medication you are taking, exposure to the sun, diseases, heavy rubbing and scratching of eyes, facial bruising, aging, and more. Here are some common treatments for under eye dark circles:

Make-Up – If your dark circles are a bit lighter and close to your regular skin tone, concealer and foundation should do. But if darker, make-up won’t help too much.
Lightening or whitening creams – Although effective, the problem with whitening creams is it can be too harsh for the skin. Don’t forget that the skin under your eyes is one of the thinnest on the body.
Dermal fillers – Most of the time, the dark circles under your eyes are caused by deep tears and hollowing. To treat this, dermal fillers can be injected under the eyes to even them out.
Carbon dioxide – The use of carbon dioxide laser treatment is ideal for removing marks made by acne and even surgery scars. This treatment can also be used for under eye dark circles.
Blepharoplasty – When the major cause of dark circles is eyelid sagging, then the condition needs to be resolved. Under eye bags removal can be performed by a qualified plastic surgeon, preferably specializing in oculoplastic eyelid surgery.

The truth about dark circles treatment is, there is no one way to solve it. You will likely need a combination of one or two treatments, depending on your condition.  It’s best to go to a professional like an oculoplastic surgeon who can help you get rid of your dark circles and bring out your beautiful self.