Friday, 30 September 2016

How to Find the Best Ptosis Surgeon in India

If your droopy eyelids are bothering you, it may be time to consult with the best ptosis surgeon to talk about the possibility of surgery. India is home to some of the top ptosis surgeons in the world, which is why the country is becoming one of the leading centers for medical tourism. You can book an online consultation (if you live outside of India) to know if you are a good candidate. The best way to find the best ptosis surgeon for your case is online, where you can easily search for India’s most-awarded eye surgery doctors and hospitals.

You might be wondering about what you expect during operation. The surgeon will explain everything to you. Essentially, this type of procedure tightens your levator muscles and lifts your eyelids. The result is not only enhanced appearance but also improved vision, in many cases. If your levator muscles are severely weakened, the surgeon may decide to attach your eyelids under your eyebrows so that your forehead muscles can help lift your eyelids. To ensure the success of your ptosis treatment, work with the best ptosis surgeon. In the first place, you also need to choose the right clinic, surgical facility or hospital to ensure that you will get world-class care, regardless of how simple or complex your case might be.

Surgery might be the way to if you want to solve your droopy eye condition for good. But you must know all the risks involved before you proceed. During the consultation, don't hesitate to ask the doctor whatever you want. The best ptosis surgeon will be happy to talk about his or her background and experience. You can even ask to see ‘before and after’ pictures of previous patients who have undergone the surgery. Don’t be shy to ask for references.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Eyelid Surgery in India: Best Cure at a Low Cost

The eyelids are delicate and small, and they are there to protect your eyes and keep them healthy. However, certain conditions may cause the skin of the eyelids to thin out, and the tissue sags and stretches, causing a droopy appearance or baggy lids. Eyelid surgery in India may provide the best cure at a more reasonable cost especially if your condition is already affecting your health and well-being.

Problems with the eyelid do not have to persist or be left untreated because of expensive surgery and medical treatments in your hometown. In India, you can have eyelid surgery at a cost that is lower and more affordable for you. Moreover, the procedure will be performed by a skilled and qualified oculoplastic surgeon, which has years of training and experience in ophthalmic plastic and facial reconstructive surgery. Reputable eyelid surgeons in India may provide the solution for common problems like ptosis and other eyelid diseases and conditions. Likewise, they can perform cosmetic procedures on your eyelid to make you look younger.

Cosmetic eyelid surgery is also known as blepharoplasty it modifies the area around your eyes to help restore a youthful appearance. The procedure will take away excess skin, tissue, and fat around the eyes, and it may reposition the tissues for a lift. This type of eyelid surgery may be the solution for sagging eyelids, difficulty in keeping the eyes open, and tired-looking eyes. Blepharoplasty in India may improve your vision and make you look and feel younger and awake at a more reasonable cost.

Cosmetic Eyelid surgery in India may be the best solution for ptosis, which is characterized by the abnormally low position of the upper lids. The condition may not seem bothersome, but it can cause problems like vision loss, difficulty seeing, headaches, and chronic tiredness. Likewise, it can impact your look and make you look tired and sleepy all the time.

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Know About the Best Ptosis Surgeons in India

Ptosis surgery is one of the cosmetic procedures commonly performed in India. It will fix an abnormally low upper eyelid caused by ptosis, which is also known as 'blepharoptosis', a disease that may cause serious problems to your vision and your appearance when left untreated. Ptosis is an eyelid disease that can affect one or both eyes. It can be congenital, or it may develop as you age. Eyelid ptosis surgery is a solution that can correct the problem, especially if it is already causing other issues like headaches, vision loss, and tiredness. The best ptosis surgeons in India will restore your vision and improve your appearance. Once you recover from surgery, your eyes will look more refreshed, alive, and full of energy, resulting in a face that looks brighter and happier.

Seasoned ptosis surgeons in India will determine the type of eyelid surgery that you need. They will evaluate whether the eyelid responsible for the LPS muscle is weak or strong. If it is strong, the surgery will focus on the muscle that elevates the eyelid to make it stronger and functional. If the muscle is weak, the surgeon may connect the forehead muscle to the eyelid muscle to be able to effectively raise it. A surgeon may use a natural connector or an artificial material (i.e. silicone) to achieve this.

Scleral contact lenses and crutch glasses may be prescribed as alternatives to ptosis surgery, but it is better to treat the condition early on with surgery before it worsens. Experienced ptosis surgeons in India have conducted the procedure for years, making them experts in it. Their success rates are high, yet they are able to charge a more reasonable fee for the procedure, compared to the price of ptosis surgery in the UK and the US. Ptosis surgeons are trained and certified, and they are widely recognised in India. Likewise, they work for accredited and state-of-the-art hospitals in the country.