Monday, 1 February 2016

Why Oculoplasty is Gaining Popularity These Days

Eyes are one of the most important organs of the human body. They give us vision and enable us to see the world we live in. The structures and tissues around the eyes are equally important for its functioning and they play a vital role in not only giving us a naturally appealing facial appearance but also protect our eyes from various potential problems. The eyelids, the eye socket, the muscles that move the eyes, the soft tissues surrounding the eye region and the tear ducts that help the eye remain moist and naturally clean are some of the main regions of the eye. And they need to function in a normal and a healthy manner for us to be able to make the best use of our eyesight.

Sometimes, however, these indispensable structures around the eye region are affected by birth defects, infections, injuries, tumors, inflammation and age-related disorders. This is where oculoplasty becomes imperative.

Oculoplasty is a reconstructive and aesthetic eyelid and facial plastic surgery. It is a specialized area of ophthalmology and takes care of the management of eyelid abnormalities, tear-related problems, orbital disease including eye socket trauma and thyroid eye disease.

Increased life expectancy, improved socio-economic standards and greater cosmetic awareness in people have also led to a substantial increase in the demand for aesthetic oculoplastic surgery. It is getting more popular as the plastic surgery in addition to the region around the eyes, is also able to treat the area around the forehead. Additionally, unlike in the past, more men besides the already image conscious women are turning to aesthetic oculoplastic surgery to enhance their looks.

Many advanced and important developments continue to take place in the field of aesthetic oculoplastic surgery. Both the young and the old are showing a keen interest in this eye plastic surgery and the number of specialists who are skilled in performing this type of surgery is on the rise. Some of the leading names in plastic surgery have now specialized in the aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery of the eyes and its structures.

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