Saturday, 21 May 2016

5 Tips to Search for the Best Ptosis Surgeon in the World

Ptosis refers to the condition when the upper eyelid droops due to a disease or due to paralysis. If you want to bring your eyelids back to their regular positions, it’s best to seek the help of a Ptosis surgeon. Do make a list of prospective surgeons and never go for the first one you see. Here are 5 factors to help you search for the best Ptosis surgeon in the world:

  1. Qualifications – Do a background check on the Ptosis surgeon. It’s best to go with someone who is an oculoplastic surgeon. Oculoplastic surgeons are ophthalmologists who are specialized in the plastic and reconstructive surgery of the facial and periorbital tissues. This includes everything from the forehead and eyebrows to the cheeks, right down to the orbits.
  2. Experience – See where the Ptosis surgeon studied and practiced. The best ones usually study and practice in both western and eastern countries like the US, UK, and India, which are major plastic surgery hotspots of the world.
  3. Specialization – Your oculoplastic surgeon should specialize in Ptosis surgery. A wide range of eye surgeries are offered by oculoplastic and plastic surgeons. Each type of eye surgery varies so it’s best that Ptosis procedure is at the top of the specialties of your prospective doctor.
  4. Clients – You can easily find out what to expect from your Ptosis surgeon when you ask for before and after photos of his or her previous clients. Choose a surgeon who has performed ptosis surgeries on many patients. Ptosis surgery is more than just a science; it also requires the surgeon to have a good eye to balance out facial features.
  5. Clinic – Check where the ptosis surgery will be performed. Most of the time, after-care for ptosis surgery will be handled by the clinical staff and you might even be required to stay a night or two at the clinic.

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